Link Collection – October


Breathing Life into Greek Myth: The Dialogue of ‘Hades’ Darren Korb and Greg Kasavin’s GDC talk about developing the dialogue for Hades from an audio and writing perspective.

Stories that Haunt and Heal: Mental Health and Game Narrative Jean Leggett, Jessica Fong, and Gabriella Lowgren’s GDC talk about their experiences with exploring mental health in their games.

Panel on Editing Games, focusing on interactive fiction.


Will the writer fix it? Matthew Weise writes about integrating narrative design into an existing team by looking at challenges and solutions.

How do you go from a big broad idea to developing specific details? Emily Short writes about how to go from macro to micro ideas.

Your games career as a: Narrative Designer Interview with Brooke Maggs about her job as a narrative designer.

Susan O’Connor on How To Write A Great Video Game Character.

Interview with Nick Pearce about The looping narrative structure of The Forgotten City.

D S Wadeson on Soft Skills for Narrative Design with input from other developers.

Narrative design myth-busting: It’s not “just lore” Matthew Weise writes about lore and its use within narrative design.

Interview with some of the developers behind Life is Strange: True colors about Making the best story possible for Life is Strange: True Colors.

Interview with Jasmine Osler about Creating Ghost Switch, a visual novel without text.

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