Link Collection – September


Panel on Endless Storytelling and how to write a story over years while keeping it engaging.

Playlist with talks about game writing, narrative design, tools, and more from NZGDC21.

Red Pill Blue Pill: Narrative AI for Deep Emotions Nicole Lazzaro’s GDC talk about opportunities for AI to design emotional narrative in the future.


Deep Dive: A holistic approach to emotional storytelling in Roki Alex Kanaris-Sotiriou from Polygon Treehouse takes a deep dive into their approach to storytelling for their game Röki.

Do choices in games really matter? Noelle Warner writes about if choices in games really matter, and how to create choices that feel satisfying for the player.

Narrative design myth-busting: It’s not “just writing” There are a lot of misconceptions about what narrative design really is, and in this article Matthew Weise tries to clear up some of those.

Susan O’Connor writes about three skills your narrative director expects you to have. Including flowcharts, handling feedback, and knowing what the job really is about.

Exploring the branching narrative of shrinking storybook adventure, Pageturner Interview with No Loading Required about the development of their game, Pageturner.

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