Link Collection – August


Playing the Archaeologist: turning archaeology into gameplay

Narrative Director Jon Ingold talks about Heaven’s Vault and how they used archeology as a basis for the story and gameplay.

Sex and Romance in Games

Panel about how sex and romance are currently being portrayed in games and how it can be improved.

Procgen in Wildermyth: Storytelling

Nate Austin talks about how they developed the procedural narrative for Wildermyth.

How to get a Job in Narrative Design

Panel on getting a job in Narrative Design.

Women in Gaming: Yunni Goder – Game Writer

Interview with Yunni Goder about producing and writing games.

The Future of Storytelling & Narrative Design with Ken Levine

Conversation with Ken Levine about storytelling and narrative design in video games.


The 5 Essentials for Designing Towns in Video Games

Jacob Conner Harris writes about important aspects in designing towns for games from a narrative perspective.

Plot. It’s a Problem.

Emily Short writes about developing plot for games and the challenges that come with interactive narratives.

The biggest mistake game writers make

Susan O’Connor writes about how to write stories for video games when many players tend to ignore the story.

About Narration In Games

Paul Mozet writes about narration and how it can impact the perspective of the story.

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