Link Collection – June


Game Writing: Authentic Narratives Panel about authenticity in games writing.

Video Games as Historical Problem Spaces Jeremiah McCall talks about teaching history through video games.

Exploring Identity through Character Mechanics in JRPGs Destina Connor delves into how identity is expressed through mechanics in JRPGs.


Silent Stories: The Last of Us Part II’s Unusually Riveting Collectible Notes Jenyth Evans writes about how notes are used for storytelling in The Last of Us Part II.

Patching Conversations to Pin the Blame Jon Ingold tells us about how they used a patchwork approach to pin down the murderer for Inkle’s newly released game Overboard!

Crafting the life-altering, divergent narrative of Across the Grooves Interview with Geoffroy Vincens, the writer for IGF Excellence in Narrative-nominated, Across the Grooves.

Telling story through gameplay Kaitlin Tremblay uses Grindstone as a case study to tell us about how to tell stories in games that are generally considered gameplay-focused.

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